Welcome to the official PACT website.
This is the product of a Socrates-Comenius-Project promoted by the European Union.
We - teachers from schools in Belgium, Germany, Poland and Austria - elaborated, compared and brought together our thoughts, experiences and ideas on the subject "Participation, Aggression Control and Therapy" (= "PACT"). We conducted screenings for teachers and pupils in our schools and analysed the results and compared them. We presented our special programs, discussed them and tried to find new approaches towards the work in our home-schools.
We learned much about our partner-countries and last but not least - we made friends!
Now we are presenting the results of our work on this website. We hope you enjoy it - just as we do!

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     > Roeselare (B)      > Roeselare (B)      > Roeselare (B)      > Roeselare (B)
     > Nordhausen (D)      > Nordhausen (D)      > Nordhausen (D)      > Nordhausen (D)
     > Bytom (PL)      > Bytom (PL)      > Bytom (PL)      > Bytom (PL)
     > Vienna (A)      > Vienna (A)      > Vienna (A)      > Vienna (A)

+++ The project ended on the 4th of June 2008 +++